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Zhijie Xia is an undergraduate student and researcher at University of Calgary.

As a student majors in Computer Science at University of Calgary, Zhijie received multiple scholarships and awards for his outstanding academic performance. He has taken most of essential computer science courses such as Operating System, Algorithm&Data Structure, Compiler Construction, Computer Network, Network Security, System Security and etc. He is ready to apply his skills in the field of software engineering and looking for FOSS projects to contribute.

As a researcher, Zhijie’ research interests are System Security and Mixed Reality. Currently, he is supervised by Dr. Joel Reardon on an Android Permission System project. During the previous summer, he was supervised by Dr. Ryo Suzuki at Programmble Reality Lab at University of Calgary. He developed an AR-sketching system called RealityCanvas to allow users to create animation in real-time with ease. Moreover, he submitted the system to ACM SIGCHI 2023 as leading author.