“That which we need the most will be found where we least want to look.” - Carl Jung.

Zhijie Xia is an undergraduate student, researcher at University of Calgary, and firmware developer at Lucid Vision Labs.

As an exceptional Computer Science major at the University of Calgary, Zhijie has received multiple scholarships and awards for his outstanding academic performance. He has explored a diverse range of essential courses, such as Operating Systems, Algorithm & Data Structure, Compiler Construction, Computer Networks, Network Security, and System Security. Eager to apply his well-honed skills in software engineering, he seeks exciting opportunities to contribute to FOSS projects.

In the realm of research, Zhijie focuses on two compelling areas: System Security and Mixed Reality. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Joel Reardon and Dr. Ryo Suzuki, respectively, he has made significant strides in his investigations. One notable achievement is his co-authorship of the paper RealityCanvas, presented at the prestigious UIST 2023 conference.

Having embarked on a career as a software engineer, Zhijie has already gained valuable experience at a dynamic startup company based in Toronto. This opportunity allowed him to collaborate with a myriad of interesting and competent professionals, providing him with an invaluable taste of the tech industry’s vibrancy and innovation.

  1. Born in Hangzhou (杭州), China.

  2. Certified in Western Cultures and English at Zhejiang University (浙江大学).

  3. Bachelor Program with First-class Honours (GPA 3.95/4) in Computer Science at the University of Calgary.

  4. Mixed Reality Researcher at Programmable Reality Lab, Calgary, AB, Canada.

  5. Full-stack Developer at Knowd, Toronto, ON, Canada.

  6. Test & Firmware Developer at Lucid Vision Labs, Richmond, BC, Canada.